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[Bay balїq] Байбалық
“The Rich city”. The Bajbalyk (local people call the city: «Biibulag») is constructed by Sogdians and Chines es according to order of El etmish Bilge kagan. On the first monument of Mojn-Chur in the name of El etmish Bilge kagan (time of board 747-759 AD) is written the followings: «Soγdaq: Tabγačqa Seleŋede: Baybalïq yapïtï bertim: - To Sogdians, Tabgaches (Chineses) I ordered to construct Baybalyq on coast of Selenga (river)».
Baybalïq. Co-ordinates: 49 0 23 ' 729" N, 102 0 30 ' 299 " E; 938 m from the sea level. 11 km of traps modern Hutag-Ondor sum, Bulgin district of Mongolia. 2 km to the north of Selenga river.
The city consists of three fortresses. Next sizes are defined: 1-fortress (238х235х378х232), 2-fortress (142 х 149 х158 х149), 3-fortress (329х314х332х320). According to local residents and scientists there were stones with Old Turkic or Old Uigur inscriptions. But there is no exact data present. (D.Bayar Уйгурын Байбалык хотын тухай тэмдэглэл//Sturdia Archaelogica Institute Archaelogici Academiae Scientiarium Mongolicae Ulaanbaatar, 2003. Tomus I (XXI) Fasc. 10. 93-109). The local people calls «Biibulagiin balgas » (site of ancient settlement Biibulag) and «Biibulagiin sum» (The Biibulag monastery), because there was a Buddhist monastery. There are monastery remains now.
A general view of the city of Bajbalyk (N.Bazylhan, 2007.)
the Scheme of the city of Bajbalyk (N.Shirashi, D.Bajar, T.Battulga, 1998.)
1949 S.V.Kiselyov, H.Perlee spent some excavation. Then Klyashtornyi in 1975, and JU.S.Khudyakov in 1982 and 1986 has described this city and the fragments of pottery found in the city. D.Bayar, N.Shirajshi, T.Battulga, the Mongolian and Japanese scientists, carried out special researches of the city and on the basis of aero-photos of 1970 have defined, that the city consists of three fortresses in 1996-1998. They prepared topographical schemes of three constructions, made schemes, defined structures and sizes of the city, and collected archeological findings, prepared portrayals of 4 statues of lions.
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Ел Етмiш Бiлге қаған (Мойын-чұр) ғұрыптық кешенi және бітіктастары

tapïγ: berti: .........söziŋe yazmayïn tedi: yaŋïlmayïn: tedi: yiče: boltï: ...Soγdaq: Tabγačqa Seleŋede: Baybalïq yapïtï bertim:

gave…I said: “I will not punish”. “I will not betray” he said. Everything finished well… I ordered sogdians and Chinese to build Baibalyq city at the Selenga.
See also Old Turk and Kazak dictionary.
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